Final Peer Review Recap

As we completed this last peer review, I thought to myself, “now, that really wasn’t so painful.” I know that in the beginning of this class there were a lot of negative feeling toward peer review, including my feelings. Now, coming to the end of this term, I feel pretty good about how the process went. I don’t know if it made a difference that these peer reviews were online, but the process (for me at least) was smooth, and HELPFUL by the end of this term.

Peer reviews in this class helped me to see patterns of mistakes that I make in my writing, grow by seeing other people’s writing, and learn to use a new thing (GoogleDocs). In the comments for all of my essays I have noticed that more than anything else, people comment on my comma usage. Some places I agreed with them, others I didn’t, but the best thing was it has made me more aware of my comma use overall. Seeing others writing in this class was also helpful because we wrote a lot of theoretical papers, and I have only a few times done peer reviews on these types of papers. I think reading helps build a better writer. GoogleDocs was also a positive – I have now used it for other classes, personal things like writing I do outside of classes, and for work. The only thing that I found “least useful” was that classmates didn’t always put as much effort into it as they could have (although that got better over the course of the semester).

When reading and responding to others it helps me grow as a writer. I have to look carefully at what they say, and doing so I think helps me look more carefully at my own writing. It also helps to read for content, structure, and grammar in my own writing. I don’t know if they take my comments and use them, but to me, that isn’t really what matters. Writing is a collaborative process, and now I understand what professor Krause means when he says this. It can mean many different things, but it is what you take from it.

I’d like to think that my classmates and I are all pretty much intellectual equals, as we are all somewhere around the same place in our education. We are all learning about writing, reading, ect., and I think that working collaboratively with them on my own writing as well as theirs has helped me grow as a writer and reader.


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