Looking Back, Looking Forward

Contrary to Ong’s theory on writing (that it is so engrained into us that we no longer think of it as a technology), YouTube videos are so new to the world of writing that people don’t consider them that way yet. Videos are often seen as separate from writing, or the end-product of a writing process, but not as a writing technology. This should be corrected. Multimedia is a fresh new way to write  and “read” content- just as were pencils, paperback books, word processors, and kindles to name a few.

Writing technologies are meant to convey ideas to an audience in a comfortable and convenient way. Videos open this communication to even more “readers” than ever before. Videos, just like text, can be aimed at any audience, have any purpose, and convey that purpose in any way. But also just like writing, videos have rules. One specific rule to YouTube is that videos can’t go beyond a certain length of time (I believe 15 min). Other rules that apply is visual appeal (which is like the appeal to a writers voice), logical flow, purpose, ect. The same rules we read about in S & W and Williams apply to creating effective videos.

Videos can also use tropes and other ancient style techniques. After following rules of style for clarity and grace, videos can go further and apply metaphors, onomatopoeias, ect. These can be applied through text in a video, dialog, or even through the use of visuals. Video making takes as much, if not more, creative thinking, careful planning, and expert execution as writing.

YouTube videos present the opportunity for all levels of video “writers” to present their work. Just like with writing, creating an expert video takes time, planning, drafting, doing, editing, and practice.


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