YouTube: Is it writing?

Writing is multimedia, multimedia is writing. As we have read in this class, all writing technologies have been subject to questions when they first arrive (and for many years to come) in the writing and education “scene.” Computers, word processing, tablets, ereaders, smart boards, advertisements, video, and so on are all technologies. They are also ways to compose, or view composed, ideas and thoughts that start as jumbled words and pictures in our heads.

We can write about something we see, or some picture we imagine and that is writing. Why then are pictures we create from something we read or think not writing? It is writing. Pictures can make us think of words, so its the perception (not the actual product) that makes something writing. Multimedia could not be created without words, and many of the words we see (and hear) today would not exist without multimedia.

There is no divide between creating a video and creating text. They come from the same place, and both convey ideas to an audience. What would a picture be without the words we have to describe it? What would words be without the picture we see in them? Videos, just like text, go through a drafting process, then production, then editing, then the “final” product. Just because the software used may be different, doesn’t mean that they don’t coexist, or even exist as one. There are rules for writing through video, just like there are rules to writing through words.

As students of a world full of multimedia (and new technologies created all the time), it is inevitable that multimedia is part of our education and lives. It is acceptance of this that matters. Technology is what we make of it: there are effective ways to use textbooks (and ineffective) just like there are effective ways to use YouTube, iPads, Google, laptops, ect. The question should not be is multimedia writing, rather are we using these new ways of writing to their fullest potential?


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