Peer Review Recap, pt. 3

This peer review was my best one so far. I don’t know if it was because the project was a fun/ny one, or if it was the people in my peer review group, but this review was smooth. My two peers and I really got down to the nitty-gritty on this review, but I think that was because we all had really well-done drafts. I know at least for myself that my last two papers I was not as far along when the peer review came about. We all had really solid starts to our drafts this time, and really solid ideas as well. All of us chose topics that were fun, and that we enjoy, and that made me enjoy reading my peers drafts, and giving them feedback.

The google doc platform worked well for this project, and I drafted mine directly in Google Docs so that I wouldn’t have to worry about reformatting. It was also really good because it is so easy to see exactly what someone is commenting on, and that was important with this project, because there are so many different aspects. I also think the survey was better to fill out for this project. This project gave us the ability to go in so many directions, yet there were very clear guidelines (unlike thesis papers can be), so the survey was easier to fill out for me.

In my past few drafts I have gotten comments about my wording and my flow of ideas, but that was not the case with this draft. I felt much more confident going into this project to begin with, but another thing that I appreciated was that my reviewers commented in a different way than my last two experiences. First off, they gave as many positive comments as negative, which I did with them as well. I think these comments help just as much because they show us, as writers, what is really working well. The negative comments, or comments about improvement seem like they will help more this time. I can go back and fix (at least some) word choice and flow by myself, and when that is all that I get for comments, it doesn’t help very much. This time, my peers gave me comments about content, areas for expansion, ect. These comments are going to be very useful in my revision process.

As for my own comments, I also tried to comment on content as well as structure, word choice, and other aspects. I tried to give advice that was beyond fixing one sentence. My comments were both positive and things for improvement. In general, my feelings about this peer review were much better than the previous two. This is due to both the way my peers and I reviewed, and also having already had the experience twice. I hope that my peer review experiences keep going the way they have, because each one has led me to a more positive view on peer reviews.


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