Peer Review, recap pt. 2

This being the second of our peer reviews for ENGL 328, I felt better going into the process than I did for the first review. That being said, there were things I liked both more and less than the last peer review. I enjoyed the use of Google Docs for commenting, reviewing, and revising last peer review, and liked it even more this time.

The questionnaire threw me off a little bit though; I didn’t want to answer the rating questions too harshly, but I didn’t want to be dishonest. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I know these were rough drafts (the point of peer review for improvement), but it has been my experience in the past that people take comments that are meant to be helpful, as personal insults. I hope this will not be the case this time around, and I hope my peers see that I put my best effort into giving them feedback that I believe was both reflective and helpful.

On both my first and second essay, in my comments from both my peers and Krause, I have been told that my ideas are good, but my use of quotes and citations in my analysis needs to be done more effectively. I see where I have faltered, and know techniques I can use to improve. My peers this time around gave me some good tips as to HOW to make those improvements, and I truly appreciate that.

I know that one of my peers was upset because before today I had barely looked at her draft, but I hope my explanation to her was enough to clear the air. I do attempt to get my reviewing done at least one day ahead of when the peer review is “due,” so that my peers have adequate time to work on their blogs and their drafts. I did complete her review today, and hope that my comments were in time enough for her, and will also help with her revisions; I hope that my comments on both peers drafts will help with their revisions.

My comments tend to fall into one of two categories: grammatical and content. Grammatical comments that I leave are about things like word choices that could be narrowed down to create better effect, sentence structures that make meanings unclear, and awkward wording. The content comments I leave encompass a bit more. One thing I have found that I make a lot of comments about are people connecting their analysis and quotes to their ideas. Another content comment I have found is that I have asked people to explain things more clearly. Generally, I don’t comment outside of those realms, unless something is glaring at me.


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